Parts of the Whole

Example Data: Demographics

Goals: To show composition of an item or group,
and to compare to item or group with similar elements.

Polls are often presented as their raw number as the talking point and then a few key subsets are highlighted. I set out to make a way to present the subsets with the same importance of the overall number, as well as make comparisons of performance within each subset across two candidates. 

From the original design, quarter circles allowed for the data to be shown in a smaller package while remaining clear. This provides more white space in a layout in order to include more background information about the entities being compared.

While the design shows each line thickness tapering back to 0, the middle 75% of the arc could also be used to show this data over time. These would still taper back to 0 for visual clarity.

The quarter circle allows for a fair amount of flexibility for more or less space as well.