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STOC – Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison

stoc1 STOC   Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison

STOC is the original version of the Orbital Comparison chart, using S&P 500 data from the NYSE and programmed in Processing.

Below is  is an updated version of STOC that was designed to work on a tablet. For the most part it works with a mouse and keyboard, but we have some adjustments we’d like to make the next time we are not working on a freelance project.

Please Read : At the bottom of the left hand side a question mark labels all of the function buttons and, through the expand link in Settings, takes you to the interactive legend where you can see the data relationships and scale the visualization to your liking.  Filter by data is where you can adjust the number of stocks in the system and which sectors are shown. We hope to expand the customization level and the filtering capabilities greatly.

The data is pulled every time the system is loaded from Yahoo finance’s free api during NASDAQ trading hours. This is a work in progress and we have many improvements planned to the UI as well as producing an interactive tutorial.

Click here to open STOC

Due to technical issues with the Yahoo Finance server, stock market data may currently be incorrect, undefined, or outdated. As of January 15, 2014, we are currently looking into this issue and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please contact us at if you require any further assistance.
We are making the current version of the project freely available for all people, but we’d like to make a few things clear before you download it. Firstly, this project is not meant to be used to do any trading on the actual stock market. There is a good reason for this: the data is not real time. By clicking any of the links above you agree that all people listed in the credits of the project are not responsible for the outcome of any trades based on the information provided by the project.
Secondly, this project is still in development, and there are many things that could be added to the project that would improve usability and usefulness. There are many things that we are currently aware of that need adjusting, but we wanted to get the program out to people as quickly as possible to start getting more feedback.
This project was created while I was studying at The University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona. It was updated with the help of Gail Lane in 2013
If you’d like to contact me directly about the project please email me at


I would like to personally thank Todd Spencer, for being an exceptional advisor on the project, introducing me to Processing and data visualization and putting up with the crazy ideas of a graphic designer that is trying to program for the first time in four years.
To Vesna Dragojlov for encouraging me to explore everything media can be, what I can do in Processing and introducing me to so many artists and projects that I could actually hold a conversation about new media.
To Stephen Cady, for refining my programming skills and always encouraging me to do new and different things because I’d be better for it in the end.
To Karyn Ricci, for teaching me great design and that it is important in everything that I do.
To Lee Gentry for a great friend and web designer, the one behind this site, and being able to drop everything and do an update for me on extremely short notice.
To Michela Magas and Becca Stewart for making my first Siggraph amazing, introducing me to lots of new people, giving me someone to talk to on the rare occasions we had downtime and freely providing invaluable advice.

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  2. james says:

    Working on it now and will be releasing a new update within a week or two.

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