About Me

My name is James Grant, and data visualization is my passion.

Early into my career I was invited to showcase my work at Siggraph 2009. An attendee approachedmy STOC data visualization project and after a few moments of me walking her through it, she stepped back and said, “This can’t be the stock market. I understand this.”

Ever since, I have been hooked on that feeling of helping people realize that they can understand a complex systems when its presented in a way that speaks to them.

I am fascinated with embracing the complexity of data sets. I seek to create visualizations capable of containing that complexity, yet still approachable enough for anyone to learn. It’s a fine art of creating such a combination, and I appreciate pushing the boundaries to get closer to the full complexity.

This idea of embracing complexity to create understanding is at the heart of my ethos, and “Uniform Chaos” represents that idea well. Real world data can be a mess, but when presented well the insights can be clear.

The logo plays with this idea. Both symbols are the letters for each word stacked atop the other, in a font I created. The word “uniform” creates a more hectic-looking symbol than the one created by “chaos,” but the only thing that has change is presentation