BNY Turbine

Example Data: Global Market Indices

Goals: Make a GE visualization work in real time and expand on it

While working with BNY Mellon to update STOC for their Future Technology Showcase, they asked us to produce a second piece for the conference. My programmer and I were happy to oblige, and agreed to remake the visualization, as shown below. 

Original GE visualization that BNY Mellon asked us to reproduce. 

Our model of data includes interactivity, including touch, and sought to create a more useful tool for data analysis.

The heat map layer allows users to jump to more active periods in the map, and the search allows for ease of accessing a single line from an individual market to see a more detailed view.

The model has been constructed with intentional flexibility for future improvement, and at the conference it showcased the tech demo possibilities for such complex data sets. 


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